My Doula Bag (continued)

Yesterday, I went to Walgreens to wander around while my daughter was at MyGym and I came across a few items to add to my Doula Bag … most of them were on clearance … another reason I am starting to put my bags together early is because I have the time to wait and be able to buy most, if not all, items as they go on sale.

So, here are the items I bought yesterday to add to my bag:  a couple of contact lens cases (in case my clients forget their own), a box of All Natural Belly Bars (healthy “snack” item for my client as one bar may contain all the supplemental nutrients needed during normal pregnancies and nursing), some index cards on rings (so I can start working on my Labor Support Cards and can just clip them to my bag and be able to flip through them very easily during the birth process), some combs (for acupressure techniques with the client), and a note pad (in case I or my clients need to take any notes).

Again, not much, but every little bit gets me one step closer to having my complete doula bag.  It appears that I may have to special order some of the items, especially for my “emergency bag” as I’m not going to be able to find them just anywhere.  I am also keeping a spreadsheet of what all I end up putting in both of my bags for me to be able to use as a checklist in the future after a birth and some items need replacing.  And, I am keeping track of how much I spend on the items so that I can incur those costs into my fees as well.

I feel so good about doing all of this as I go along versus trying to put it all together once I have my certification and am ready to start running my business.  I feel that I will be very well prepared.  : )

~ by cmb0414 on February 24, 2010.

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