What is Informed Consent?

Some common obstetric practices have been proven useless or even harmful, yet some caregivers still do them routinely.  It pays for the mother to educate herself and ask questions.  It is her legal right to get answers and make her own decision.

The caregiver must inform the mother:

*  What the procedure is and how it is done
*  Why the procedure is being suggested
*  Whether it is new or experimental
*  What her recovery will be like
*  How the procedure or treatment will affect her, the baby, and her labor
*  What are the alternatives
*  What are the benefits
*  What are the risks
*  Is this being suggested to her for a particular reason or is it universally recommended
*  If the procedure can be delayed so the mother can read up on it (prenatally) or think about it further (during labor)

~ by cmb0414 on February 26, 2010.

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