I’m so excited!

First, I’ve been to the chiropractor the last couple of days and have come in contact with an extremely nice woman.  Her name is Lorraine Genewick.  She is a newly Licensed Massage Therapist and while receiving a complimentary massage today, we discussed the work of doulas.  She helped me to get excited about this process all over again.  She knows a couple of midwives and doulas in the area and is going to try to get me some contacts to help me make the most of this incredible journey.  Also, she does Prenatal Massage, which I think is fantastic!  For the month of March, she is offering $15.00 off on all of her 1-hour massage treatments.  She is capable of doing in-home treatments as well.  Check out her website here!

AND, I just got off the phone with the Central Coordinator from Desert Doula Birth & Postpartum Services.  I had sent her an email previously advising that I was looking for a mentor and she has very politely obliged!  Although, finding a couple that will allow someone to ‘shadow’ their doula is hard to do (and, understandably so), she has agreed to help me by sending some births my way to help me achieve my three needed for certification through CAPPA and to provide me with feedback and information and recommendation letters as needed.  We also discussed how Desert Doula Birth & Postpartum Services works and the opportunities that I may have with them should I decide to join their program once I am certified.  She was very easy to talk with and I am so glad I made contact with her … some of the information that she gave me, provided me with a new sense of confidence … and, confidence is always a good thing, right?!  Since I am fairly new to Tucson, I am so excited that I have finally been able to make some contacts and, hopefully, pave the way for a very bright and successful future as a Doula in the Tucson area.

~ by cmb0414 on March 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “I’m so excited!”

  1. I am excited for you! I’m glad things are looking so good for you right now:)

  2. WOW!!! i’m excited for you! If I were to ever get pregnant again i would totally hire you!! lol Well congrats on all you have accomplished so far and keep up the great work! Alot of mommas will be lucky to have you near their va-jay-jay, lol

  3. It sounds like you are meeting wonderful people and making great strides to achieving your dreams of becoming a Doula. I couldn’t be more proud of you. Good luck in all you do. Love you mom

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