Birth & Women’s Health Center – An El Rio Clinic

Since my first client’s birth will be taking place at The Birth Center here in Tucson, I thought I would go ahead and plug them for future reference.  The following information was taken from their brochure.

The Birth Center Difference

Personal Attention
Birth Centers invite you to receive personalized, family centered care from holistic, professional, health care providers.

Birth Centers are:
–  People working together with you to meet your needs during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.
–  For healthy women seeking personal care and families wanting to be involved.

Birth Centers include a team of highly qualified professionals from midwifery, nursing, obstetrics, family medicine, pediatrics, nutrition, social work, physical fitness, childbirth and parenting education.

Holistic Program
Birth Center care begins with your first prenatal visit.  It is a program of education for pregnancy, nutrition, birth, labor support, baby care, and general women’s health.  Your family and friends are welcome to participate in your Birth Center care.

The Birth Center program give you confidence in your ability to give birth, balancing the human touch and technology.

Most importantly, the Birth Center program gives you the time that you deserve.
–  Time to listen to and answer your questions.
–  Time to stay with you throughout your labor and birth.
–  Time to help you, your new baby, and your family get off to the best possible start.

Comprehensive Midwifery Care
Midwifery is different from obstetrics.  Midwifery care is provided by professionally trained midwives or doctors who practice a wellness and holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and women’s health care.  Midwifery care focuses on the promotion of health and the development of individual responsibility.

Midwives take time to listen to you.  Midwives believe that childbearing is normal and that you and your family should create the birth experience that will be meaningful to you.

Midwifery is a collaborative practice that involves:  midwives, nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, and other specialists as needed.

Midwifery honors and respects the wisdom and dignity of all women, and the sacredness of pregnancy and birth.

Nurturing Place
Birth Centers are a place that gives you a caring, warm and home-like environment where you are supported and respected as well as safe and secure.

You will have a private room for giving birth where you can:
–  Make yourself comfortable.
–  Wear your own clothing.
–  Eat when you feel hungry.
–  Soak in a tub or have a water birth.

Birth Centers welcome your children, your parents, and friends so you can decide who will be with you or near you as you give birth.

Birth Centers give you continuing support; holistic pain management; and information on infant care, breastfeeding, parenting, and family planning.

Integrated Part of the Health Care System
Birth Centers are part of the system of quality health care in many communities.  You receive a complete network of maternity and women’s health services including:
–  Laboratory, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic testing.
–  Consultation with physicians as necessary.
–  Transfer to a hospital if the need should arise.

Birth Center care is covered by most major health insurance plans.

Birth Center Standards
Licensure for Birth Centers is provided by individual states.  Accreditation for centers is based on carefully defined national standards and is provided by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.  Look for the CABC accreditation symbol.

Quality Health Care
For more information on birth centers in your area contact:

The American Association of Birth Centers
3123 Gottschall Road
Perkiomenville, PA  18074

The Birth Center offers you more … Time, Choices, Education, Support and Services
Birth Centers give you:
–  Care that is founded on the highest standards of quality health services.
–  Care that respects you as a person and responds to your individual needs.
–  Care that is safe and supported by research.
–  Care that is sensitive for you and your baby, and well woman care for you now and in the years to come.

Birth & Women’s Health Center
An El Rio Clinic
2595 North Wyatt Drive
Tucson, AZ  85712
Call 520.795.9912 to schedule your free tour.

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  1. Wow, what a great summary of birth centers! Thanks!

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