The Use of Botanicals During Pregnancy and Lactation

Here is the link to the review article written by Tieraona Low Dog, MD.  This is a useful article by an expert in this field.

Survey data tell us that women often to not share their use of herbal remedies with their healthcare providers due to fear of offending providers or the the belief that clinicians will be ignorant about their use.  Practicioners should maintain an open and respectful demeanor when counseling pregnant and nursing women about the use of botanical medicines, and they should know how to access unbiased and authoritative information sources, so they may reliably answer questions on inadvertent exposures and provide guidance on herbal products that might be beneficial.

This article covers case studies and reviews of the use of ginger, cranberry, uva ursi, cornsilk, blue cohosh, black cohosh, raspberry leaf, fenugreek, roots of wild asparagus, goat’s rue leaf, licorice, fennel, anise, milk thistle, aniseed, caraway seed, cinnamon, dill, and fennel seed AND their potential benefits and/or risks.

I used Fenugreek supplements while nursing my first daughter.  It did help to increase milk supply for a short amount of time; however, I think I waited to long to try it.

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