Training Videos For Labor Doula Certification

I watched an hour and a half of the first Training Video tonight.  It is nice to be able to see some of the techniques I have been reading and learning about put to practice.  The majority of what I watched tonight was about using massage and acupressure in labor (different massage strokes, how to provide low back pain relief) and use of the birth ball.  Some things that I have learned and made mental notes of so far:

– It is not my birth.
– Be open minded.
– Learn from each birth.
– What does Mom need right now?
– Certified Nurse Midwives are not like midwives of the past … doulas are more like midwives of the past.  Midwives of the past stayed with the mother and provided continuous support … doulas do that now, midwives most likely will be unable to do that.
– Every doula is different.
– I need to have a backup doula.  If I don’t, I need to be sure to let my client know that I do not and if more than one client is in labor at the same time, my services are on a first come, first serve basis … I am not super human.
– No right or wrong way to give birth.
– How will Mom remember this?
– Natural childbirth is safest; however, many, many women want medication.
– Nurturing does not come easily or naturally to men – they have a hard time being objective because it is hard for them to see Mom in pain.
– Slide in and behave.  Provide information NOT medical advice.
– Support Mom even if you hate the decisions she makes.
– CAPPA kind of took every other organization’s good philosophies and merged them together.
– Have a positive effect on the most women that I can even if that means fitting into the mainstream.
– Become empowered by making your own decisions.
– You can’t make a decision unless you know what you’re deciding on.
– Is Mom comfortable?  Does she have enough pillows.
– Use body weight (and teach birth partner) as much as possible to reserve energy.
– Touch, then talk.
– Leave home at home.
– Check with Mom AFTER the contraction.

At this point, the Training Video has instructed me to watch two of the other videos that I am required to watch and write a summary of what I have learned.  So, I will start with that tomorrow.

~ by cmb0414 on April 13, 2010.

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  1. I just want to tell you how proud Dad and I are of you! Also to tell you Happy Birthday!! We Love You.

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