Labor Support: A Comfort Guide

I also watched Labor Support:  A Comfort Guide last night.  This is a 15-minute video put together by CAPPA.  It was made in 2000.

For the most part, this video is just an extension of what I learned on the training video.  However, it provides great information for anybody wanting to be a labor coach.  A good video to let a prospective, non-doula birth partner borrow to get some good pointers before the big day.  A few pointers that I made note of:

– How can I help the laboring mother?
– What would I want if I were her?
– Mothers may have a hard time asking for what they want or need or may not even be able to during a contraction.
– Some labor tools that I hadn’t thought of or seen put to use:
     *Ice chips
     *Cold cloths – very nice to see them being used and to learn that they help most during transition
     *Ice pack – nice to learn some ways to get creative (rubber glove)
– Birth environment is important – make the room your room even if it is a hospital room
– Use massage during labor – helps the mother to relax the rest of her body while the uterus does its work
– Visuals for the many positions I have read and learned about so far
– Be informed.  Ask questions.  Focus.

Although I did learn a few new pointers and techniques with this video, it was mostly used to further pound all the new information I have been getting into my brain … which is good, because I definitely learn via repetition.

~ by cmb0414 on April 20, 2010.

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