Training Videos For Labor Doula Certification (continued)

I watched the rest of Disc 1 (of 3) tonight … which was another hour and a half.  To see my post from the first half, click here.  I’m very proud of the progress that I have been able to make so far and I am just looking forward to being able to cross another requirement off the list.  : )

I really feel very good about things right now … not just as far as working towards becoming a doula, but about my life in general … I’ve been doing several things to better myself and my family and my home and the planet lately and I feel fantastic about all of them … taking baby steps in every aspect has definitely made things a little easier for me.  : )

So, some bullets of what I watched tonight:
– The middle part of the upper lip is a pressure point to relieve nausea.
– The positions in labor and their pros and cons were discussed in great detail – with all the notes I have been taking, I very well may be keeping this training manual handy during my births.
– Use of an emesis basin filled with ice chips and about three washcloths so you always have a wet, cold washcloth.
– Discussed the many items of the doula bag.  They recommended having The Birth Partner (which I have read) and Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn (which I started reading on Monday evening) in your bag to use as a reference.  (Good to know I am making good choices!)
– There was also a discussion on how if there is an emergency in your own family while you are attending a birth, that you still have to put your own family first … period.  Otherwise, you may start to not like your job.
– Tracy did a little lesson on Adult Learning:
     *10% of what is read is remembered
     *20% of what is heard is remembered
     *30% of what is seen is remembered
     *50% of what is heard AND seen is remembered
     *80% of what is heard, seen, AND done is remembered – tell, show, do
     *75% of what you learn is forgotten in two days … wow, two days!
– The longer you know someone, the better you will be able to provide emotional support during labor.
– Early labor is when mother can still walk and talk through contractions.  Go to her when she is ready for labor support.
– Never tell a mother when or not to go to the hospital – it is her decision.  If nothing else, tell her to “Check with her caregiver.”
– Stay focused on mother.
– Transition is when mother “wants to go home,” “can’t do it anymore,” “wants pain meds.”
– Be on mother’s side – respect her and what she wants.
– After baby is born, when it looks like family time and it looks like they want to be alone, then that is the time to go.  If the nurse is helping with breastfeeding, let the nurse help.  If not, you help.
– We are there to guide them to do what comes naturally for them.
– Trust the labor.
– When timing contractions, you start from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next and that is how far apart they are.  They are lasting for as long as she feels it.  When she stops walking and stops talking during labor, it is time to start suggesting she go to the hospital.

Okay, so nothing really new and groundbreaking … but, apparently since I will forget so much in only two days, the more I read, hear, see, the more I will be able to remember in the long run.  ;-)

I have now been instructed to watch the next (and last) supplemental video that accompanies the training videos.  Yay!  This video is called Gentle Birth Choices is an hour long.  I am really intrigued to watch it since the forewarnings on the training videos have told me to use the information contained therein responsibly and to choose who I allow to see it very wisely.  Should make for an interesting watch.  So, that is what my next step will be.

~ by cmb0414 on April 21, 2010.

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