This Isn’t What I Expected – Overcoming Postpartum Depression (6)

The sixth chapter is titled “Is There Anything I Can Take to Make This Go Away?”:  Medication and Postpartum Depression.  The entire chapter is focused on taking medications to help treat postpartum depression.  What kinds of medications?  How do the medications work?  What are the side effects of taking the medications?  It includes a section on “How to Find a Psychiatrist,” which is where you will need to go to discuss and receive a prescription for medication.   Here is a list of Postpartum Support for Arizona.  Postpartum Support International can provide lists of self-identified specialists in your area.

–  “What happens to brain functioning in PPD?  No one knows for certain, although researchers are trying to find out.  The most likely explanation is that during pregnancy, levels of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol are much higher than in the nonpregnant state.  When the baby is born, these hormone levels fall drastically.  In some women, this sudden change may disturb the balance of the neurotransmitters that the hormones regulate.  In other women, sleep deprivation may trigger the neurotransmitter imbalance.”

At this time, my recommendation for a Psychiatrist in my area is:
Dr. James S. Gray
5425 N. Oracle Rd.
Suite 115
Tucson, AZ
Telephone:  520.742.9166

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