Breast-Fed Babies Know When to Say When

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“Li said there may be several reasons for this. For starters, she said, breast-feeding is generally directed by the baby, but bottle-feeding is directed by the caregiver and could lead to overfeeding.”

“What this means for parents who feed their baby either expressed breast milk or formula with a bottle, Li explained, is that they need to pay special attention to their baby’s feeding cues.”

“And, “if you can’t breast-feed, this study shows the importance of learning to recognize your infant’s cues and to respect those cues,” Campbell said. “When we’re bottle-feeding we often override babies’ ability to self-regulate their intake.””

“But when babies stop sucking, turn their head or thrust their tongue out, she said, then the baby has had enough to eat.”

“Li agreed. “Feeding directly from the breast should be your first choice, if possible,” she said. “If it’s not, be aware that you don’t overfeed. Pay attention to the signs your baby gives you. Babies are born with the ability to self-regulate their milk intake.”

~ by cmb0414 on May 11, 2010.

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