Sleep Advantage CD

Almost two years ago, hubby and I were in Phoenix when our flight was cancelled and the airlines put us up for the evening in the Crowne Plaza.  This Crowne Plaza was unique in that they provided plush, all white linens, eye masks, earplugs, aromatherapy sprays, and the like to help their guests sleep better.  They also provided a Sleep Advantage CD.

This audio program was developed by SoundSleep Solutions to relieve stress and allow you to fall asleep easily and peacefully.  It has guided physical and emotional relaxation and is accompanied by soothing music. I listened to this CD for the first time last night and although it is promoting the Crowne Plaza, the Body Relaxation and Mind Relaxation tracks are fantastic.  I slept really good last night, too.  Most of the verbage in these exercises are identical to the ones that I have prepared to use in helping my laboring mothers.  I now plan to just take this CD along for use so that I can more fully focus on my mothers versus reading exercises to them.  I have also added this CD to my Lending Library.

~ by cmb0414 on May 26, 2010.

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