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Baby Health Checkup

Bringing Your Baby To Breast:  Positioning and Latch – The only thing I would comment on about this one, is that it IS normal to have some discomfort during the first 30-60 seconds of latch on during the first week or two.  It seems that all of the sources out there say you should have no discomfort whatsoever, but I am sorry … unless you have someone sucking on your breasts/nipples 12 times a day for 15 minutes at a shot every single day before your baby is born, there WILL be some getting used to for your breasts/nipples.  This is when a lot of mothers give up breastfeeding because it hurts and they think it isn’t supposed to … so, they think they are doing something wrong and since they don’t have the proper support, they throw in the towel.  Trust me, this is minute, it will go away, and when it does, you will be so glad that you toughed it out.  : )

Common Infant and Newborn Problems
Giving Your Newborn a Bath
Independent Placenta Service Providers
Newborn Reflexes
Once Baby Arrives:  Food Safety
Placenta Apothecary
Placenta Bakery
Placenta Services
     – Directory
Staying Healthy on a Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy
Tips for Breastfeeding Moms
Uncommon Infant and Newborn Problems
U.S. Placenta Laws
What to Expect in the Early Days of Breastfeeding

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