This Isn’t What I Expected – Overcoming Postpartum Depression (10)

The tenth chapter was written specifically to husbands whose wives are suffering from PPD.  It is aptly titled, “Will My Wife Ever Be the Same?”:  When Your Wife Has Postpartum Depression.”  As soon as I am done with this book, I will be giving it to my husband, so he can read both chapters 9 and 10.  I am hoping it will help to give him a glimpse into what I’ve been dealing with since the birth of our second daughter in 2008.  Here are my notes:

–  “Unfortunately, psychiatric illness is so stigmatized that most people know nothing at all about it until a family member is afflicted.  In the absence of facts, all the myths, distortions, and deep fears rush in to feel the gap.  In the last several decades, psychiatric knowledge has increased exponentially, and new information about how the brain works, along with highly specialized medications and talk therapies, have made full recovery for depression and anxiety a reality.”

–  “PPD has a characteristic set of symptoms, including changes in emotions, behaviors, and sleep and eating patterns.  If your wife has PPD, you may notice that she is inclined to:
     – feel sad and worthless
     – have sleeping difficulties
     – eat less or more
     – withdraw from friends
     – cry excessively
     – feel tired
     – lose interest in activities
     – lose sexual desire
     – be very irritable
     – have physical complaints
     – have anxiety attacks, or feel anxious all the time
     – feel guilty
     – feel inadequate
     – feel angry
     – criticize you frequently
     – fail to notice your efforts
     – fail to respond to reassurance”

–  “Pitfualls to avoid include:
     – Pretending it isn’t happening
     – Criticizing or juding her
     – Blaming her or someone else for the PPD
     – Smothering her or overreacting
     – Becoming overly preoccupied with why she is feeling what she is feeling instead of just accepting her feelings”

This chapter also includes a physician’s personal experience from when his wife had PPD.  I will update after my husband reads these two chapters and gives me his thoughts.

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