Healthy Ways to Destress Your Life

Declutter your living space – Living with unfinished projects and things you don’t use can keep your mind in a stressful place.

Fingerpaint – Bring out the child within and have a fun day with or without the kids.

Stay healthy with exercise – Releases endorphins and keeps your muscles and bones toned and healthy.  Don’t forget to do your stretches.

Laugh at yourself – Don’t take yourself and your imperfections too seriously.  Then you can release other in their imperfect state.

Be brutally honest – Allowing the truth to be how you address situations in a loving and tactful way will create less stress in the long run.  Avoiding the truth and other people elevates stress.

Dance in the rain – Instead of running for cover during a rain storm, allow the rain to penetrate and enjoy it.

Budget your finances – Most marital problems and increased stress is caused from money problems.  Know what you have and what you can spend before you leave the house.

Set realistic long range goals – Just like a map to show you where you are going, goal setting will help you to become the person you were designed to be.

Say “NO” – Weigh all the opportunities in life carefully against your financial budget and your long range goals; say no to anything that keeps you from those goals.

Say “YES” – Say yes to the things in life you have been holding back on but have always wanted to do.  Such as finishing your education, skydiving, whatever it is that will help you reach your long range goals.

Get regular chiropractic adjustments – Keeping your nervous system running smoothly prevents subluxations in the spine and improves overall health.

Make regular massage part of your healthcare regimen – Regular massage improves relaxation, circulation, reduces stress and pain.

Give someone a foot massage – Touch is therapeutic and fun.

Give yourself and ear massage – Releases endorphins.

Staycation – If finances are stressing you out but you need a vacation – stay home and visit local attractions.

Cut out fatty or unhealthy foods – Eat lighter so you feel lighter.

Stop procrastinating – Get things done that you have been putting off.

Start procrastinating – For those type A personalities, take a day off from your to do list.

Renew your mind with things that are worthwhile – Shut off the negative channels.

Now … if only I could practice what I am preaching!  ;-)

~ by cmb0414 on July 19, 2010.

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