The Doula Advantage (continued)

The Doula Advantage was one of the first books that I read on my journey.  I am trying to catch up with everything on my desk and to consolidate all of my notes into one  place … which, for you lucky readers, is right here!  I found some notes from when I read The Doula Advantage and wanted to get the extra papers off of my desk.  Here are the notes:

–  “”When [the couple is] in the heat of labor and a decision has to be made, I try to give them many options,” says Whitwell.  “If you do this, this might happen.  If you do this, this might happen.  Then when they make a decision, I verbally support it if the mom feels confident in her decision.  If she felt informed and it is informed consent, then that is the whole purpose behind ’empowering’ a woman to take charge of her own birth.  That is my job, to empower her to believe in her decisions.””

–  “Advocacy is part of informational support.  “I think that the best way to advocate is to inform,” says DeeDee Farris-Folkerts of Missouri, who has been a doula for over seven years.  “So many people believe that it is all out of their hands, that what the doctor or midwife says, goes.  Not so!  Question everything.””

–  “”I remind parents that it is their responsibility to speak up for themselves,” explains Farris-Folkerts.  “I am not there to speak for them, only to inform them, let them know their options, and to support them in their decisions.  Every once in a while, when a doctor or nurse is stating something that they intend to do, and the parents seem a bit lost, I will cue them by saying, ‘Do you have any questions about this?'”

–  “Doulas provide physical support and pain management techniques through a variety of actions:  massage, acupressure, providing counterpressure, supporting the mother in different positions.”

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