Birth in a Sanctuary? Why not!

Imagine …
     A place where everyone
     Honors you and the work you will
          do in labor,
     Speaks quietly and moves slowly
          and gently,
     Respects your need to be spontaneous –
          to eat, drink, make sounds, move around, cry, shout, laugh,
     Treats you and your baby as fully conscious and sensitive beings.

     Giving birth is as intimate as lovemaking
          You will need privacy and support and tenderness
     Labor is not a spectator sport
          Your partner is not your “coach”
     It’s the journey of a lifetime for your baby and you
          Don’t settle for a typical birth
     Find out more … home birth … birth centers
          Safe alternatives to epidurals … Seek out a midwife
          Arrange for a labor companion/doula to stay with you …
Protect your baby and empower yourself!


~ by cmb0414 on August 7, 2010.

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