“Tubbers” from HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method

Excerpt from Marie F. Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy.:

I spoke to a labor and birthing nurse recently who couldn’t rave enough about how successful her “tubbers” were at combining HypnoBirthing and waterbirthing.  We are seeing many women choose the comfort and ease of waterbirthing.  It is an extraordinarily good complement to HypnoBirthing, enhancing your relaxation and allowing the baby to be born into an environment that makes for an easy transition from life within the womb to air breathing.  There is no doubt about the merit of the weightlessness and buoyancy that water provides.  When women use this combination, their minds are free and relaxed, and their bodies are better able to benefit from the softening effect that water has on the birthing muscles and on the folds of the perineum.  One therapy contributes to the efficacy of the other.

When muscles are sore or tense, we naturally turn to a tub of water to soothe them.  Advertising experts frequently use the image of a woman in an elegant, designer bathtub to sell any number of products.  The association between water and sensuality is also not wasted on couples who are birthing.  We often use a bath to calm a fretful or sick child.  That’s because it is understood that water gives us a feeling of pleasure, contentment and well-being.  Water will help this phase of labor pass in a way that is beyond comparison.

Barbara Harper, founder of Waterbirth International, states that when women labor and birth in water, there is a decided increase in the production of endorphins and natural oxytocin.  Many moms are better able to go deeper into their birthing bodies with the help of a soothing, relaxing tub of water.  I have seen women actually luxuriate in a birthing pool.  One woman smiled and sang softly through her surges while in water.

Women and birth attendants need to move past the vast amount of misinformation and bias concerning waterbirth and get the facts.  Many new hospitals are including birthing tubs in their plans for their birthing units.  Others are installing them into existing units.

We enthusiastically suggest it.  If your birthing facility does not have a birthing tub, there are many places where tubs can be rented, and many of our HypnoBirthing families do that for home or hospital birthings.  Your practicitioner will help you locate a source for a birthing tub or pool.

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